ARIDUS infrared heater

The revolution of heating


As soon as it gets uncomfortable outside, there is nothing better than a functioning and comfortably warm heating system to make yourself comfortable within your own four walls.

What distinguishes ARIDUS…

No dust turbulence

Suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Infrared C radiation

As pleasant as the sun.

Intelligent control

Future-proof and (optionally) suitable for smarthome technologies.

Individually designable

Can be designed according to your wishes.

Thanks to the flat design as well as the various design options, you can not only feel comfortable with the pleasant warmth of our heating modules, but you can also incorporate your own design wishes and thus embellish your own four walls as you wish.

Dipl.-Ing. Sinan Bastian-Tanriverdi – Manager

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Effective warmth for your home

Our infrared heating modules are characterized by the emission of so-called “effective heat”. It comprises direct andindirect radiation.

The direct radiation emanates from our heating modules, warms the skin and provides a pleasant, comfortable feeling. The indirect radiationis caused by the fact that our infrared heating module does not heat up the air like conventional heaters, but rather the objects themselves, which then release the absorbed heat to the environment, thus ensuring a unique feeling of well-being in the entire room.

The ARIDUS infrared heating module is no less than a world first in the field of heating technology: the advanced and innovative coating technology is a novelty on the market.

In addition and last but not least, the ARIDUS E heating module is very versatile and can be used in many environments. You are welcome to contact us if you have any further questions about the possible applications of the heating module. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

Years of development work

Percent versatility

How do infrared heaters work?

In contrast to conventional heating systems, infrared heating is characterised by its simple but efficient method of heat generation and its particularly pleasant warmth.

It emits infrared heat radiation to objects in its vicinity and thus heats them. The heated object releases the stored heat back into its environment.

Compared to the air heated by conventional heaters, objects heated by an infrared heater store heat up to three times longer and thus ensure an even and pleasant heat exchange.

How the ARIDUS infrared heating module works

Warm-up of the surface:As soon as the ARIDUS infrared heating module is switched on, the current flowing through the heating paste heats the surface to around 85 °C.

Generation of heat radiation: In contrast to conventional radiators, the high temperatures make it possible for the heat to be emitted in the form of infrared heat radiation.

Heat radiation warms up furniture, walls etc.: Infrared radiation heats furniture, objects, walls, ceilings, but also yourself. This largely depends on what the infrared heating is aimed at.

Objects give off heat to their surroundings: The objects heated by the ARIDUS E heating module give off their heat to the surroundings, thus providing even and very pleasant warmth.

Mold? Not possible!

Since our heating modules transfer the heat to objects in their environment, moisture has no chance either. Mould caused by moisture can therefore no longer form.

No wear.

The ARIDUS infrared heating module shows no signs of wear and tear due to use. The energy conversion performance remains constant. To underline this, we have had renowned German institutes put our product through its paces, which have confirmed its durability. No maintenance is therefore required during the entire period of use – a unique selling point compared to conventional heating systems.

Self is the man/woman!

The installation is very easy compared to other heating systems and is usually easy to install even for less experienced craftsmen. This eliminates all costs for plumbing companies, laying pipes, chimney sweeps, etc. Drilling template and fastening material are included: plug in and ready.

Extremely profitable.

Cheap in purchase and low operating costs, along with a basically not limited service life: Our heating modules have an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Moreover, there is no dependence on fossil fuels.

Environmentally conscious.

The innovative coating of our heating modules is produced in an environmentally conscious manner and is biodegradable, our ecological footprint is unparalleled. In addition, all glass panes are recyclable, power-supplying connecting parts can be reused. The energy consumption is low and at the same time highly efficient, no exhaust gases are produced or oxygen is consumed. In times of progressive climate change, such factors are more crucial than ever.

Benefits of ARIDUS

Our heating module has a variety of advantages that distinguish it. In this overview you will get a rough list of the advantages of the ARIDUS heating module. If you have any further questions about our heating module, do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to be there for you.

10 years of development have paid off

In order to ensure the highest level of quality and safety, we started the development and planning of our heating module ten years in advance. It was of great importance to us to be able to deliver a high-quality and stylish product.

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Sizes and equipment

  • coated safety glass, approx. 9 mm
  • front glass cover approx. 4 mm
  • Connection cable with plug (IP54)
  • 3-point bracket incl. Bolts
  • Various power outputs, executable of approx. 250 watts, 500 watts and 900 watts
  • Sizes: 575x425mm, 575x850mm and 750x1100mm
  • Radio thermostat and temperature control included
  • Note: Our ARIDUS heating module is now also available with mirror color. Own motifs are expected to be ordered in the second half of 2021. Pre-orders are of course possible.
  • You are welcome to download the user manual as well as the technical data sheet.
  • As a dealer or distributor, you can find separate information about the ARIDUS infrared heating module in our dealer area.

Integration into the SmartHome

Our heating modules come with different thermostats or control options, which can be adapted as required. An overview of the possibilities, including integration into SmartHome systems, can be found here.

Remote control + intermediate plug (surface)

Especially if only a few heating modules are to be installed or heated in rooms that are only entered only slightly, manual control via a radio remote control with an intermediate plug is worthwhile. It is also possible to use a plug that logs into the home Wi-Fi network so that control can be done via the mobile phone.

Requirements: Sockets directly on the heating module

Digital wall thermostat + intermediate plug (surface)

If the ARIDUS heating module is to be switched on or off depending on the temperature, the control can also be conveniently carried out via a digital wall thermostat in conjunction with an intermediate plug. The thermostat and the intermediate plug are coupled, the desired temperature is then set and the thermostat regulates the heating module. In the event that more complex installations are planned, there are also thermostats in which heating programs can be set or control can also be done via the mobile phone.

Requirements: Sockets directly on the heating module

Digital wall thermostat + radio switch actuator (flush-mounted)

In the case of a new building or a major renovation or restoration, it is possible to control the socket by means of a switch act, which is installed behind the socket. The heating modules can be conveniently controlled by means of a digital wall thermostat. Well-known manufacturers also offer wall thermostats in which heating plans can be adjusted so that heating can be optimally and precisely on time. The use of a hub (see picture) that can serve as a hub of the smart home makes sense for larger projects. It would also be possible to control several heating modules from the power distribution cabinet via a switching actuator for hat rails, but this naturally requires the necessary planning by an electrician.

Prerequisites: sockets directly at the heating module, necessary electrical infrastructure

Smart home hub (optional)

In addition to the digital wall thermostats, switching actuators, etc., many SmartHome manufacturers also offer a kind of control panel that communicates with the devices – some devices even only work with a central office. This often has the advantage that heating programs and the general control can be carried out via the SmartHome control center. Furthermore, it is possible to control the devices from outside your own network (but this requires a correct and secure setting so that unauthorized persons do not have access to the SmartHome!).

Frequently asked questions

In this section you will find frequently asked questions about our ARIDUS infrared heating module. There are still many questions about infrared heating. We want to clarify them!


The advantages of infrared heating over conventional heating systems are manifold. Among other things, a lower room temperature creates a comfortable feeling. Infrared heaters do not heat the air, but primarily objects and the body. In addition, no air is swirled – because with conventional heaters, the heated air rises upwards and a circulation is created. For allergy sufferers, this is often a problem, as it also stirs up dust etc. Even mold has no chance in rooms with infrared heaters. Ceiling, walls and floor store the heat stay dry – moisture has no chance. Infrared heaters are generally very durable. Our ARIDUS infrared heating module also remains low-maintenance thanks to its innovative coating technology. Maintenance costs or replacement of parts are eliminated.

And last but not least, the warmth of infrared heaters is very comfortable. Very similar to a pleasant sunbathing in the fresh air.

If you have any further questions about benefits, do not hesitate to contact us or call us!

Our heating module has a lead time of five to ten minutes until it eats heat to the objects in the room as well as the people. The advantage is that the furniture and other objects absorb, store and also release the heat to their surroundings.

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In the case of consumption costs, the general conditions such as insulation condition, room height and the positioning of the heating modules have a major influence. In addition, it is particularly important to control the heating modules (e.g. depending on the window open, depending on the time of day, etc.). We support you in creating the optimal conditions and thus keeping consumption costs low.

With our largest ARIDUS heating module HM-110 you can heat an area of approximately 12-14 square meters. This, of course, varies depending on the insulation condition and room geometry. The positioning of the heating modules also plays a major role in the optimal heating of a room. With our heat demand calculator, you can easily determine your heat requirements.

Our heating module achieves a maximum surface temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. Due to the dry heat, there is no risk of burning in case of contact, but one should of course avoid direct contact.

Our heating modules are suitable for wall mounting and are mounted with the supplied brackets. The drilling template helps you to mount the brackets correctly. The heating module must not be covered. In addition, no furniture etc. may be placed in front of the heating module. Otherwise, the assembly is a breeze and no problem for the normal do-it-yourselfer.

We often hear of doubtful words about infrared radiation and about possible dangers. The infrared C radiation emitted by the ARIDUS infrared heating module is not hazardous to human health or to animals. On the contrary, every sun lover who takes an extensive sunbathing outside in summer feels the pleasant warmth of the sun, which also emits infrared C radiation. In addition, with normal use, sunburn cannot occur, as sunburn as we know it is caused by UV radiation.

There are many reasons for our infrared heating. For example, the lack of wear, the positive effects on allergy sufferers, the mold-preventing effect, the simple construction and much more. In addition, the ARIDUS infrared heating system is extremely efficient in consumption due to the innovative coating technology and the uniform heating of the surface. The investment costs are also low compared to other heating variants, as no additional infrastructures (pipes etc.) have to be built except for the power lines and the control system. For further advantages, please contact us.

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