ARIDUS infrared heater

100% efficient. 100% revolutionary.


The revolution in modern heating technology. Efficient, pleasantly warm and also cheap in its purchase!

Simple installation

Quickly installed and put into operation, without major preparatory work.

Inexpensive purchase

Low purchase and investment costs in advance.

Intelligent control

Modern thermostats automatically control the heating module.


Optional integration in a smart home possible.

Individually designable

Whether printed or in colors, creativity knows no limits.

Also for retrofitting

We advise you individually and find a solution.


Made in Germany

Our heating module is produced exclusively in Germany and is also shipped from there.


60-month warranty

The ARIDUS E heating module is wear and maintenance-free. We are convinced of its quality and give a 60-month guarantee on all our heating modules. We are convinced of the quality and give 60 months warranty on all our heating modules (see our warranty conditions)


Innovative and trend-setting

The innovative coating technology enables very good efficiency values to be achieved – less electricity is required for the same heat output.


As comfortable as the sun

The infrared C radiation generated by the heating module is comparable to the pleasant heat radiation of the sun.

Modern technology and innovation combined

The ARIDUS infrared heating module is the alternative to conventional heaters: The easy installation as well as the absence of wear and no maintenance costs characterize our infraredheating module. In addition to that come the already unbeatable advantages of an infrared heating with its pleasant warmth, comparable to the warmth of the sun, and its good efficiency.

Because our heating module does not directly heat the air, but especially the objects or the skin, a pleasant warmth is created, which is also pleasant for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

With all its advantages and beyond the innovative and environmentally conscious coating technology, the ARIDUS infraredheating module is no less than a world first in the field of modern heating technologies.

Free consultation

Heating is our passion

Many years of development work, a large team of specialists and experts as well as good consulting possibilities distinguish us.

What our customers say…

“We bought the heating for the outside area for mild summer evenings and are very convinced. Plug in and after a short time you can stay outside even longer :-)”

Silke B.

“Thanks to the good advice from EnTechVision GmbH, our initial concerns about infrared heating were quickly gone. The heat is really pleasant and not comparable to normal heaters.”

Adnan T.

“Easy and quick to set up, and thanks to the assembly set, it is also quickly done by yourself. If you want, it can also be intelligently controlled from your mobile phone or even integrated into smart home systems. Top!”

Michael M.

Our certificates…


Internet presence completely overhauled

Our website shines in a completely new design

Dear customers, we have completely redesigned our website and are now available for you again. All information about our ARIDUS infrared heating module and infrared heating systems can now be seen even more clearly and comprehensibly. We have also revised and simplified our heat requirements calculator. For sales people, our dealer area is now also available with further information on the topic of ARIDUS and modern heating.

We are at your disposal for suggestions and criticism. You can contact us simply via our contact form.

EnTechVision GmbH at the Offenbach Construction Fair

We at the Offenbach trade fair
EnTechVision GmbH at the construction fair in Offenbach

At the beginning of January this year – with the start of the trade fair season – we were represented at the construction fair in Offenbach. In addition to many conversations, interesting conversations, etc., we have generally noticed a very great interest in infrared technology. We are very happy that we have been able to emphasize the many advantages of using infrared heating systems, especially the ARIDUS infrared heating, and look forward to the next trade fair.

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