The advantages of infrared heating over conventional heating systems are manifold. Among other things, a lower room temperature creates a comfortable feeling. Infrared heaters do not heat the air, but primarily objects and the body. In addition, no air is swirled – because with conventional heaters, the heated air rises upwards and a circulation is created. For allergy sufferers, this is often a problem, as it also stirs up dust etc. Even mold has no chance in rooms with infrared heaters. Ceiling, walls and floor store the heat stay dry – moisture has no chance. Infrared heaters are generally very durable. Our ARIDUS infrared heating module also remains low-maintenance thanks to its innovative coating technology. Maintenance costs or replacement of parts are eliminated.

And last but not least, the warmth of infrared heaters is very comfortable. Very similar to a pleasant sunbathing in the fresh air.

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